Today’s Word and Prayers (W. A. P.) 
Does your love waver when you encounter bitter disappointments and injury from others?
Friends, this morning we celebrate the establishment of two sacraments, the Catholic priesthood and the Holy Eucharist. The former takes place this morning when we gather at the cathedral Church with the Bishop and priests. We commemorate, that is, remember and celebrate the gift of the Catholic priesthood, that is, the love of Christ for his Church. In the evening we remember and celebrate the institution of the Holy Eucharist as the sacramental expression of the Paschal mystery of Christ who gave us His life for our salvation. Both express the infinite love and mercy of our God for us (John 13:1; Ephesians 1:3-14). Jesus’ hour of humiliation draws near he reveals to his disciples the supreme humility which shaped the love he had for them. He stoops to perform a menial task reserved for servants – the washing of smelly, dirty feet. In stooping to serve his disciples Jesus knew he would be betrayed by one of them and that the rest would abandon him through fear and disloyalty. Such knowledge could have easily led to bitterness or hatred. Jesus met the injury of betrayal and disloyalty with the greatest humility and supreme love. Jesus loved his disciples to the very end, even when they failed him and forsook him. The Lord loves each of us freely and unconditionally. His love has power to set us free to love and serve others with Christ-like compassion and humility. Paul the Apostle tells us that Christ’s gift of love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us (Romans 5:5 and 8:35-39). Does the love of Christ rule in your heart, thoughts, intentions and actions?
Lord Jesus, your love conquers all and never fails. Help me to love others freely, with heart-felt compassion, kindness and goodness. Where there is injury, may I sow peace rather than strife. Amen. Good morning and have a luminous Maundy Thursday!
40 days of our Lenten Bible reading plan 
Day 38 Read John 19:16-27